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A fond farewell

Posted on May 7, 2015 | Comments

We were the best of friends.  We went everywhere together.  That is everywhere a car could go. At the time of purchase, I was confident my new car would last at least twenty years.  I was only off by three months when the original transmission gave up.  At 272,000 miles and the potential for more expensive repairs, logical folks tell me it’s time to say goodbye. However, I’m not always logical especially when there are extenuating circumstances.  The same dealer mechanic has worked on my car since day one and my personal care included daily doses of “thank you.”  Have to admit even my mechanic is in awe at this point.  So, maybe I’m just prolonging the inevitable. Regardless, a tribute is definitely in order.

Just like good friends do for each other, my traveling buddy has been there for me through thick and thin each time I sorted out a challenging situation during thousands of drive-time miles.  It was also the first to be in on probably hundreds of good news phone calls (hands free of course) and share time with family and friends on outings from one end of Southern California to the other.

My pal showed its true colors on long-distance trips.  My love for Sedona had me regularly high-tailing across the desert to take in the wonders of Red Rock country.  Each time my car made the 1200-mile jaunt like it was going around the corner. With such a great track record, in 2006 I had the confidence to take on the highways and byways of the open road.  With furniture in storage, camping gear in the trunk, my car became my home so to speak. Best friends are like that.

Most of the time I had a general idea of where I was headed next, other times curiosity took over opening up opportunities to see unexpected geography and enjoy unplanned adventures.  I rarely passed a campground without checking it out and always appreciated that my pal never objected.  It “rocked” over the Colorado Rockies and made it to my family reunion on the far side of Nebraska with ease. In all the years, I was only stranded once.  Indeed, a most dependable friend.

There is something very special about being able to count on someone or something, to feel such total trust.  Nothing to take for granted and I don’t.  Definitely haven’t done so with this treasured friendship.  That is what makes it so hard to say goodbye even if others tell me, “it’s just a car.”  Not this one.




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1 Comment

  1. Dear Cheryl,

    Your car memoir is absolutely beautiful and deserving of a memoir. Your car drove you many more miles than my beloved car. Your car was inspired by you to give you amazing service.

    I think you set a record for miles driven.

    I love your memoir. My memoir is in the mail.

    Love always,


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