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Are small wins “love in action?”

Posted on February 18, 2022 | Comments

Well, well, well. Literally moments before drafting this column, I discovered instructions on the inside of the microwave I’ve been using more than 18 months. While I’ve managed to guess good enough, it’s definitely nice to know with better accuracy how long 3 potatoes take to cook, or the time required to reheat a serving for one.

That’s what I call a “magical moment,” and I like to acknowledge or celebrate them because they make my day. According to a recent survey, it was determined that since the pandemic, Americans have become more aware of the joys in small wins such as finding unexpected money or finishing watching a TV series.

Well, there you go. Sounds like I am in good company since nearly 90% found it empowering to acknowledge “wins” and celebrate them more than in pre-pandemic days. Small wins run the gamut, and what may be a small win to one person, may be a big win to someone else. It was also reported that no win is “too small,” such as finding a parking space. Depending upon where you live, that could be considered a “big win!” In Laguna Woods Village, we’re fortunate to have parking, however, if we’re visiting one of our well-known beach cities, that’s a different story.

How to celebrate the small things? Telling family and friends was reported to be the most favorite way to savor the moment. I definitely enjoy sharing my small wins with others to relive the fun of it happening in the first place. The more I pay attention to them, the more often they show up. That’s a regular big win in my book. Speaking of books, I also note them in my daily journal entries.

From the survey list of most satisfying little moments, my favorites include hearing new music for the first time, achieving a savings goal, trying an unfamiliar food for the first time, completing a self-care activity, and my much-loved choice: fixing a typo before hitting send! Speaking of self-care, spending quality time with loved ones topped the treasured-moments list with “taking nothing for granted” right behind it.

Psychologists believe that paying attention to the small successes is necessary to achieve the bigger goals in life. Think there’s merit to that premise along with how being tuned in to the small wins keeps our minds focused on the positive. I just have one thought to add. In honor of Valentine’s this month, how about calling small wins “love in action?” Then, we’re celebrating “Happy Hearts” day daily, not just February 14.

Originally published February 10, 2022, Orange County Register

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