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Balancing Yin and Yang?

Posted on October 8, 2013 | Comments

It’s October—the month for visiting pumpkin patches and young and old wearing Halloween costumes. Astrologically, the sign for most October birthdays is Libra, symbolized by the “scales of justice.”  I know it well given it is “my sign.”

For the most part, I love being a Libra with a passion for aesthetic beauty in my surroundings, a flair for creative expression, and a light-hearted, romantic nature about life.  Then there’s that balance thing.  Yes, I can get tripped up wanting fairness about everything both in my world and universally. There’s also the challenge of keeping life in a healthy sense of order and routine without getting bored by it.  While this may sound simple enough, sometimes it’s not regardless of your sign.

In Tai Chi, balance is represented by the yin-yang symbol with its mirrored black and white images encased in a circle.  According to its philosophy, yin and yang are two sides of dualism. They exist alongside one another. It is said that the earth we live on is yin, and the sun that brings us warmth is yang. A woman is yin, and a man is yang. Sadness is yin, while joyfulness is yang.  It seems that everything has a counterpoint.

On a personal level, I have always found it valuable to be aware of yin and yang.  Over the years I have learned that if I don’t maintain balance, things can quickly go awry affecting health and relationships and other aspects of my life.  Too much of anything, even if it is touted as good for us such as nutritional food and exercise, can create a problem.  I know this may sound logical and elementary; somehow it isn’t something I feel I have mastered as this next birthday approaches.  That’s okay.

Maybe mastering something is in itself too much of a good thing?  Can that be the sign of too much yin or too much yang?  For me, I find a sense of balance with more variety and less intensity.  Describing myself as a generalist, I admire folks who dig deep into things whether it’s hobbies, professions or intellectual interests.  Me, I like overviews, a taste of this and a dab of that; what I call the Reader’s Digest version.  I have described my background as eclectic and see it continuing in my future.

A discussion on achieving balance in our lives, relationships, communities and beyond could be extensive.  Space limitations prevent me from elaborating.  Good thing.  I prefer just bringing up the idea for you to reflect on how best to achieve balance in your life.

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