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Lee Canter Monthly Citizen Slips

Monthly Citizen SlipsA Recognition Program for Encouraging Good Citizenship While Building Self-Esteem and a Positive School Climate Grades K – 6.

This monthly Citizen Slips supplemental book for teachers gives teachers a student recognition program that builds self-esteem, promotes a positive classroom climate, and gets parents involved. The thematic book is divided into twelve monthly sections, each containing the following components:

  • Monthly Theme
  • Teacher’s Pages
  • Reproducible Citizen Slips
  • Reproducible Letter to Parent
  • Poster Headlines and Borders
  • Monthly Super Citizen Slip

Use of “What if?” The original scope and sequence of this freelance project for Lee Canter & Associates was a 48-page, year-long recognition program for encouraging good citizenship while building self-esteem and a positive school climate. I suggested adding two components: a monthly reproducible letter to parents informing them of the theme and how to reinforce it with their child, plus a guide for teachers to integrate the themes into curriculum, class discussion, bulletin boards and related art and creative activities. This whole-language approach increased the effectiveness and marketability of the longer, 80-page book.

Teacher Created Materials

Thematic Unit – COLOR

Grades K-3

Thematic Unit ColorThis thematic unit is designed to teach and reinforce color concepts, encourage students to talk and write about ideas and feelings, explore the colorful world of science, introduce classroom art projects and relate the importance of color in cultures, celebrations, and holidays. The unit is based on the re-illustrated book, Hailstones and Halibut Bones featuring twelve of its poems for each of these colors: purple, gold, black, brown, blue, gray, white, orange, red, pink, green, and yellow.

Included in this supplemental book for teachers is a variety of activities in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Music allowing students to truly experience the world of colors. To complete this resource, there are ideas for bulletin boards and a simple positive reinforcement program for classroom management.

Each lesson includes:

  • Summary overview
  • Sample daily lesson plan
  • Overview of Activities
  • Overview of Poems
  • Reproducible worksheets

Use of STOP: The interview process for a writing job at an educational publisher required me to write a 10-page sample whole language supplemental book for elementary teachers. The day I received the “no,” I stopped to see the other possibilities turning the “no” into a “yes” by pitching the idea to another publisher—Teacher Created Materials.