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Body ThankYouology

Body ThankYouology is the practice of saying thank you to your body.  The more appreciation you show your body, the more it will respond with greater health and well being.

If that sounds odd or even silly, it’s only because you may not have thought about applying gratitude principles to your body. Like any of us, it is happy to know it’s appreciated and there are many ways to say thank you.  Here are some activities to show your body how grateful you are for all it does:

  • Compose a list of ways you would like to say thank you to your body. Post it where you can see it or put it in the front of your journal book.  Review your list each day making check marks next to those that you practiced. Note improvements and write thank you when you do. Examples:
    • Say thank you while going up and down stairs instead of worrying that you might fall.
    • While exercising, include thank you when you count…one, thank you, two thank you, three thank you, etc.
    • Tell yourself thank you first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
  • Make a list of adjectives for each letter from A to Z .  Then make an alphabetical list of the body starting with A for abdomen. Then have fun saying thank you to your awesome abdomen or beautiful brain. You can say thank you to every part of your body this way.  Practice this regularly and see what happens. You are sure to feel some positive changes. Examples:
    • Thank you to my adorable arm, abdomen, appendix and ankles.
    • Thank you to my brilliant brain, bones and breath.
    • Thank you to my delightful digestive tract.
    • Thank you to my fantastic feet and fingers.
  • Create simple poems to remind you of how special everything is in your body.  Examples:

Thank You Adorable Arm
 It starts at the elbow and ends at the wrist.
The arm is quite usefulwithout it my hand would not exist.

Thank You Beautiful Brain
 More than a computer, smarter than anything under the sun.
My brain is a worldly wonder I love using it and having lots of fun!