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StarHeart Gold Stars

Gloria Karpinski
Journalist and author

“I know children and adults will delight in both the words and images.”

Diahann Clark

“I believe that a great many students will be touched by it.”

Margaret Buckingham

“Elegantly simple, The Story of the StarHeart is a timely and inspirational message.”

Rev. John Bennett

“The spirit of the StarHeart story is everywhere and in everything.”

Mary Hunt
Child therapist

“Amazing how each child applies the message in the StarHeart book to their own healing process.”

The Story of the StarHearts is used by the nonprofit, Imagination Now for its CAMP StarHeart program.  Over 3,000 students have been given the opportunity to meet an author, learn how an idea becomes a reality, and receive an autographed StarHeart book. A new CAMP program for elementary grade children (4-6) was successfully launched in April 2015. Educators and students alike give gold stars to this unique “field trip without leaving the classroom.” Here is what they have to say about the program and StarHeart book:


Antonio De Jesus
Franklin Elementary

“I think the students really liked that they were able to meet the author of the book in person and take home their own autographed book home. To this day, students keep reading the book over and over after they are done with their homework.”

Elizabeth Thompson
Carver Elementary

“I liked that students got to interact with a real author, were able to learn how a book is created from the initial idea, ask questions and receive an autographed book from the author.”

Carola Sanchez
Davis Elementary

“Great visuals and teaching techniques kept students thoroughly engaged, the author made books real to the students, and the creative learning education for them was excellent.”

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Andy Behr
Durfee School, El Monte

“The author was inspirational and made the students feel that they too could dream big!”

Ona Sandi
Principal, Holder School, Buena Park

“You hit a homerun with CAMP StarHeart.”

Christine Tutundjian
LeGore School, El Monte

“Meeting an author of a book we read in class really brought “reading and books” to life.

Kimberly Sayers
Holder School, Buena Park

“The program really helped students get excited about books, learning and creative thinking.”

Laurie Burgess
Bathgate School, Mission Viejo

“My students were beyond excited about CAMP StarHeart. They are still talking about it.”


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F. Medina
1st grade

“My Favorite part was when the author read the book to us.”

1st grade

“I liked when the author signed my book.”

S. Cisneros
2nd grade

“My favorite part was when the author showed us how the book was made.”

C. Gonzalez
3rd grade

“I am going to use my imagination and have fun!”