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Do you have the answers?

Posted on April 24, 2016 | Comments

Something fun to ponder…

I sat by the seashore upon a big rock.

Waves were gently playing while I had this little talk.

A lot of questions came to mind about the magic that I saw.

As I stared into a tide pool, I was feeling so much awe.

Will a star fish make a wish?

Are hermit crabs RV’s of the sea?

Can a sand dollar scream and holler?

Does a seashell ring a bell?

“Oh my,” I said to myself, so many questions yes indeed.

“Who could I ask to get the answers that I need?”

I looked up to the sky and wondered out loud.

Would anyone know the answers? Maybe a big fluffy cloud?

I took another big long look at the little city by the sea.

There was so much happening, plenty of busy activity.

Is it possible for kelp to yelp?

Can seaweed be in need?

Are clams really funny like hams?

And mussels, do they dance the hustle?

The more questions I asked, the more they made me laugh.

My imagination ran wild…could a sting ray be a giraffe?

I couldn’t seem to stop myself.

Questions kept floating through my head.

Would they ever end I wondered?

Maybe by the time I went to bed?

Stay tuned…

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  1. Good luck with this and keep on writing. You have great imagination😍

    • Thank you Nancy. It’s fun for me to write and heartwarming to hear it’s enjoyed.

  2. I’ve always wondered if she sells sea shells by the sea shore and if the shells she sells are surely seashells. 🙂

    • What about he who sells seashells?

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