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Fun with “knotty” faces

Posted on March 7, 2014 | Comments

It was obvious that the woman who stood admiring the creek just south of the new bridge was enjoying the moment.  As I approached, she turned to me and commented on how fun it was to watch the ducks.  We shared a nice conversation about Mother Nature’s Disneyland along with several things that were not so obvious.  One in particular was that she was a snowbird whose primary home is in a small, northern California town with a population of 2,000.  A little envious of that kind of lifestyle, she also told me that over the 4th of July weekend, the tourist count swells to 25,000 because of the small town celebration that has turned into an annual big-time event.

Since I had just been pondering thoughts about “getting past the obvious,” as we parted I wanted to share something magical I have discovered on my creek walks that took me a long time to see.  I pointed her in the direction of the sycamore tree which is on the right side after crossing over the bridge. Looking at it with a creative imagination, there are two oversized knots that look like huge round sunglasses sitting atop a very funny nose and a dimple-type mouth.

So far, I have found three other trees with “knotty” faces.  There is a pair of trees near the cement creek crossing with a combination of knots in the shape of a wise master’s face on one, and an elongated, intuitive goddess-looking face on the other.  It took me a while to see the extraordinary  elephant face on the oldest of our sycamore trees.  Looking carefully at the branch pointing toward the sidewalk with the creek on your right, there are knots (eyes) on each side of what looks like a trunk coming out and up in between.

These “knotty’ faces remind me about the importance of looking beyond the obvious—whether it’s getting to know someone, evaluating an issue, or learning something new.  A sage once told me, “Be curious, Cheryl” which has always served me well. I disagree that curiosity kills the cat and do my best not to judge a book by its cover.

Confucius said, “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.”  Spring is a perfect opportunity to practice the art of curiosity and see the beauty.  Take a walk in your neighborhood, stretch your legs on one of the many special walking paths, or meander around the creek.  There are plenty of obvious signs the season is changing…and who knows, you may discover some that are not so obvious.

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