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I am dreaming of an orange holiday

Posted on December 10, 2013 | Comments

It’s that time of year where the lists come out in full force—the gift list, the shopping list, and the endless “to do” list.  Along with the added events and celebrations of the season comes the proverbial question, “What do I get for (fill in the blank)?”  While I can’t answer that question for you, I can offer a different take on the question.

What about YOU being the gift this holiday season?  We are each so unique, so special and so very much one-of-a-kind.  There is so much potential within each of us. Think about it.  Think about what you can give to each day, each situation, and each opportunity to give the gift of YOU.

With the hustle bustle, it’s easy to lose ourselves.  When that happens, we can get short with others if traffic is slow or the checkout lines are long.  Instead, we can take a breath and share a smile with others.  It’s a gift that doesn’t cost anything to give and one that everyone enjoys receiving.

Extending a helpful hand to family, friends and even those we don’t know is a special gift this time of year.  Checking in on neighbors, joining a volunteer project, offering a ride to someone waiting for the bus (especially in the rain), or taking time out for a few catch up calls with loved ones—these gifts don’t have to be wrapped, shipped or delivered. It just takes your joyful spirit to make it happen.

During the Great Depression, in lieu of chocolate Santas, many children found oranges in their stocking.  The idea behind this practice was to “make sure they had something sweet.”  I didn’t know that as a child.  I love learning its meaning now.

Maybe oranges aren’t your thing, but we can give the sweetness of love with our actions by being fully present with others.  Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, whomever we are with, giving our full attention is a gift in today’s world of multitasking and multi-thinking.  If our mind is elsewhere during conversations or when we are doing routine tasks or participating in events, then we are short changing ourselves and everyone else.

I believe being the gift this season means living more in our hearts than in our head—being available to the wonder of the moment, the potential for the magical and unexpected delight of life.  It’s our choice what we want to give this holiday season.  For me, “I am dreaming of an orange” one filled with the sweetness of love.


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  1. Loved the “Giving of yourself” this Christmas…and learning WHY I got an orange in my Christmas Stocking each year from Santa!! Carla

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