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Imagination fuels our future!

Posted on May 17, 2012 | Comments

There is considerable attention in the media lately about one of my favorite words—imagination. I am thrilled to see how much praise is given to the concept of imagination.  In articles about the passing of children’s author, Maurice Sendak, constant reference was made to how he “sparked imaginations” and helped “children’s minds run wild.  Walt Disney made a huge contribution to the world of imagination and now Canon is running an ad referring to Ron Howard’s imagination photo contest last year. 

Camp StarHeart is a classroom program designed to spark children’s imagination.  It was recently well-tested with five kindergarten classes at Holder School in Buena Park, CA.  According to teacher evaluations, the program scored a gold star.  Students loved hearing the author read the StarHeart story  to them.  They were quite excited about the idea of “ingredients from above—one is called light and the other is called love.”  They oohed and aahed when I pointed out the light switches on the stars in another illustration.  Seeing one of these magical illustrations up close and personal definitely made a visible impact on their impressionable minds.  Thank you, Dan Brouch, for making the poetic verse come alive with such imaginative illustrations.  The children who are experiencing Camp StarHeart really get it!

While I autographed a copy for each student, the teachers taught them how to make a customized StarHeart bookmark.  When they finished making their bookmark, teachers provided the students with a handout to make a customized StarHeart.  It is really fun to see their imaginations “run wild”.

I believe our world and its future depends on a healthy imagination in each one of us.  I believe imagination drives our inventions, speeds up problem-solving and makes for a far more magical way of life.  I love that I wrote The Story of the StarHearts and I am grateful that a”Camp StarHeart dream I have had for years is coming true in a way beyond what I ever  imagined!

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