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Know how and why you’re fabulous

Posted on January 8, 2015 | Comments

It’s here!  2015 has just arrived on a fresh clean slate and there’s something about “out with the old and in with the new” that gives hope and promise.  Generally, it’s an opportunity to start with new calendars and a desire to do a few things differently.  For many, that means making resolutions which is all fine and good.  However, often the focus tends to be on what’s not working—what needs to be improved, changed or otherwise thrown out.  Recently I came across something that offers an alternative to the resolutions routine, or possibly an expansion of it.

Robin McGraw, wife of Dr. Phil, is the spokesperson for a self-esteem building campaign with the Girl Scouts of America.  It’s called, “Reasons I’m Fabulous.”  It’s an inspiring call to action that girls across the country are exuberantly responding to.  At the national Girl Scouts convention this fall, attendees filled out “Reasons I’m Fabulous” forms which were posted throughout the hall for everyone to celebrate.

I like the idea of spending time looking at why we are fabulous and not just at the beginning of the year.  It’s so easy to be critical of ourselves and others and it seems that much of the media and other outside influences tend to take this approach. Anytime we can redirect that energy and look for the positives is time well spent.

Robin Korth, a self-described renegade author offers this idea, “To see ourselves with clarity, honesty and compassion is the best gift we can ever receive.” And noted author and life coach, Tama Kieves, said in her holiday message that this is a time for gratitude encouraging each of us to “acknowledge some overlooked abundance—the richness you bring to your world, just by being yourself.”  To do this, her advice is to suspend judgment. That’s a good suggestion if we are having trouble coming up with reasons we are fabulous.

The benefits of self-praise are that praise increases praise and it doesn’t always have to come from others.  All too often if we wait for those compliments, we may feel unappreciated and unloved.  It’s healthy for us to acknowledge ourselves, to be generous with those gold stars for being magical, fun, happy, contemplative, or considerate.  Add more gold stars for simply showing up, doing your best, and accepting what can’t be changed.

The year is fresh, the time is now.  Take a few minutes to give yourself a pat on the back, a big YES, a high five.  Why?  Because you are fabulous–for lots of reasons!



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