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Marketing Communications

Throughout my career, marketing communications techniques have underscored every business pursuit from television news broadcasting to establishing a thriving travel consulting business to working as a nonprofit development director as well as my own clients. Whether it has been a writer, business owner, or corporation, the basics are the same:

  • Identify the target audience.
  • Determine techniques available such as branding, graphic design, social media access and online marketing capabilities.
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan to effectively reach target market.
  • Implement the plan.

In my work, I leverage the basic principles of marketing communications with three, well-used components that are the source of my success for nearly 40 years:

  • Imagination Formula: Imagination + Knowledge = Creative Ideas
  • STOP—See The Other Possibilities
  • Ask these questions to open up new ideas, new potential, or possibilities:
    • What if?
    • What would it be like?
    • Who wrote that rule?
    • Why do we have to think outside the box? Maybe the box has the answers.

These are the tools of my trade. I give a gold star to my college alma mater, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona for its tremendous hands-on approach to learning.