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Collins Foods

Annual Report (Case Study)

Collins Limited LogoAnnual reports are an important marketing publication for corporations. As the Communications Manager for Collins Foods International and its divisions (KFC and Sizzler Restaurants), it was my job to create a winning result in 1987.

Identified Problems

  • President refused to be photographed. Did not like headshots.
  • No budget for photography.
  • No budget for models and props.

Collins Foods 1980 Annual ReportSolutions

  • Photo featured the CEO and President in a relaxed and flattering pose coming out of the front entrance to the building.
  • Utilized company flagpole for the two division flags beneath the American flag. Cost: $65 for snacks and found a photography intern to take the photos.
  • Featured Collins Food Service employees for real life pose, a local Little League team for KFC photos, and a high school basketball team eating at a Sizzler restaurant. Cost: Food for participants.