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Girls Incorporated of Orange County

Women for Girls Support Group (Case Study)

Girls Inc. LogoIn 2001, Girls Incorporated of Orange County hired me as its first Development Director. Fundraising attempts were less than successful. The reputation of the nearly 50-year old nonprofit managed to provide operating revenue from long-time donors. For sustained fundraising support, new ideas and practices needed to be put in place.

Identified Problems

  • Needed a fundraising arm that did not require dedicated staff time.
  • Marketing tool was necessary to be the voice of the organization.
  • Donor base required technological update and expansion.


  • Met with focus groups of existing donors to determine interest in establishing women’s fundraising support group.
  • Hosted a meeting for interested women to determine next steps for establishing a support group.
  • Created a monthly newsletter to keep current donors engaged and expand community outreach.
  • Utilized new donor software to improve tracking of donor activity.

Outcome: Volunteers organized the Women for Girls support group and took responsibility for fundraising goals. Today, this energetic group raises thousands of dollars annually hosting four quarterly meetings featuring a guest speaker who attracts participants throughout the community.