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Nature’s tunes can soothe and delight

Posted on June 11, 2015 | Comments

Need a good laugh?  Some good luck?  Or maybe a good wake-up call? With spring in full bloom, our community is alive with music certain to lift your spirits one way or another.  Yes, I’m referring to a few of the “regulars”–bullfrogs, crickets and woodpeckers.

I can’t say this city girl has ever really heard a bullfrog until recently.  Even then I didn’t know it.  Neither did a fellow walker down by the creek who looked at me after we heard what sounded like a cross between a sick cow (not sure I have heard one of those either) and a wild boar.  We weren’t sure if we should call security, 911 or run for our lives imagining that something wild and crazy might come thundering out of the bushes.  Later, a told me it was a bullfrog. It’s been fun to share an online video with friends and laugh ourselves silly over a bellowing bullfrog.

Crickets play a much different tune while they also play a good game of hide and seek.  They hide, “sing” and then I seek. Now I know some cultures regard crickets as a symbol of good fortune, vitality and prosperity.  Also, ancient populations often kept them in cages to regularly enjoy their “music.”  Me, I just want to give them taxi service to the great outdoors so they can roam the land of the free instead of the floors in my bathroom or kitchen.

Other than the infamous Woody Woodpecker, I don’t know much about this fascinating bird whose “sound of music” makes me wonder if it is ever troubled with headaches.  Seriously, I do know they typically “drum” on trees and utility poles; had no idea that they can also pound away on chimneys, rain gutters and trash cans.  From what I hear, it sounds like they stick to the trees…like the one outside my bedroom window.

I think we are quite fortunate to live in a community where modern-day housing meets with Mother Nature in such a beautiful setting. Our village is unique with its greenbelts and forests of trees; something is always blooming or buzzing with life. The meandering pathway of Aliso Creek and its park-like setting is an ideal spot for walking, meditation, or playful time for families and friends. It’s still cool in June, a perfect month to get out and hear the symphony of sounds from the myriad of creatures singing their songs.  Soon enough it will be summer in the city and then we will be singing a whole different song.


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