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I give the kind of keynote I enjoy listening to—engaging, educational and inspiring.

To draw audiences in, I use visual and kinetic tools. I might read from a children’s book or a newspaper clipping to enhance a talking point. Or, I will ask a question and see what participants in the audience have to say. There’s always a chance I could wave one of my magic wands or even give them out as a take away. You know, like people buy souvenirs to remind them of their experience.

“Cheryl is like bubbly champagne when she talks…or does anything for that matter.” 

~ Rhona Stein Singer.

I am a natural born educator and former elementary school teacher. I explain ideas with easy-to-remember stories more than long lists of things to do. Often key points are wrapped in an acronym for simple recall. And, I do give out homework. People have yet to complain.

Inspiring people to take action is my utmost goal. The key is to make the suggested course of action simple and doable. You know, the KISS acronym: Keep It Simple Sweetie (my version). As I said, I give it out the way I want to receive it.

My three favorite themes that engage, educate and inspire are: Laughter, Imagination and Gratitude.


You will have a blast in my laughter team-building sessions. Just ask one of the hundreds of seniors who have attended my laughter class on Monday mornings from 9 – 10. In our tenth year, we’ll have you clapping your hands to the beat of ho-ho-ha-ha-ha and drinking giggle juice before you know it. See latest article in the OC Register  Click here to learn more about my keynote: Laugh for No Reason?


Is imagination kids stuff? Walt Disney didn’t think so. Cutting edge corporate visionaries don’t think so. Yours truly definitely doesn’t think so. Keynotes about imagination offer many opportunities for how to use imagination to achieve successful outcomes such as improved health and well-being, starting a new career, initiating a project or learning how to cook. Click here to learn more about my keynote: The Imagination Formula


Once I began a talk about gratitude with this opening statement: “This will be the shortest talk you will ever hear. I have only two words to say and that is “thank you.” It got a good laugh and it got across my point. Saying thank you is more than enough even though many people say, “I can’t thank you enough.” Yes, YOU can with the art of saying thank you. Click here to learn more about my keynote: Be a ThankYouologist