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Be A ThankYouologist

Transform your life with Thank You

Thankyouology is a practical approach to gratitude with thoughts, words, and actions. It’s guidance for expressing appreciation—a philosophy for creating a magnificent way of life. A ThankYouologist is a person who practices the art of saying thank you as a way of life.

“I remember the stories, especially when Cheryl uses children’s books to get a point across when she speaks.” ~ June Madison

When this Thank You Lady speaks, the audience has a good time because it’s all about taking action more than reciting inspiration. Participants are provided with unique gratitude techniques such as thank you rhymes and expressing appreciation to your body (that’s called Body ThankYouology). Ideas from my book, ThankYouology, come to life with hands-on participation such as writing a thank you note to a specific part of the body.

It’s fun. Engaging. It’s Life-Changing.


  • How the power of words are a “pot of gold.”
  • Creating thank you rhymes.
  • New ideas for a thank you journal.
  • Tips on overcoming challenges with thank you.
  • FAQ’s

This topic can be customized to fit a keynote, workshop or all day retreat.

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