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Laugh for No Reason?

Sun demands no reason to shine. Water demands no reason to flow. A child demands no reason to be happy. Why do we need a reason to laugh?

Typically people think something has to cause them to laugh. Who just laughs for no reason? Participants find out in this presentation that to laugh, we don’t need jokes or anything to make fun of. Laughter is our natural way of being. We can laugh for the fun of it, laugh for exercise, laugh for the health of it.

“Thank you for your time and expertise to give your presentation on Laughter Yoga and the benefits of laughing. The seniors enjoyed the laughter and movement during the presentation and surely got rid of stress and worries during that time. You have taught them another way to let go and relax that doesn’t include a doctor’s visit or medication. Hopefully they will use this skill each day.” ~ Cheryl Wieland, RN-BC, BSN, CCM, Florence Sylvester Senior Center

Laughter Classes

Laughter Yoga is ideally suited for seniors.  They find it very simple to do laughter exercises as it is not strenuous and can be done in spite of age-related problems like weak joints and muscles etc. It is also very effective for business people, children, physically disabled and bedridden all of whom have some constraints in following traditional exercise routines. Yet scientific research supports that laughter exercise is very beneficial for the mind, body and spirit.

Unlike traditional yoga, Laughter Yoga does not need mats until the last segment of the class.  Even then, participants may sit rather than be on the floor with mats or other support. Also, the entire class can easily be modified for everyone to do it seated or a combination of some standing and others who sit.  There are three basic sections that are approximately 15-20 minutes each: stretching and breathing to warm up, laughter activities, and laughter meditation and guided relaxation (mats or sitting in chairs)

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Laughter Programs

The introduction presents the facts about laughter yoga: Who started it, who participates, and what media and research supports its tenets. A short list of the many health and well-being benefits definitely gets people’s attention. Then the fun begins with participation in simple laughter routines that has everyone…laughing.

It’s Fun. Engaging. It’s Life-Changing.

Read the Orange County Register article Here

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  • Easy-to-remember practices such as the hand-clapping mantra, Ho-Ho-Ha-Ha-Ha.
  • Online resource information.
  • Tips on how to start a group at work, in the neighborhood, or at a place of worship.