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The Imagination Formula

Is imagination kids stuff? Walt Disney didn’t think so. Cutting edge corporate visionaries don’t think so. Educators, who recognize the current academic system is not serving our students in the 21st century, don’t think so.

“Cheryl had everyone participating when she spoke to our group. We were amazed with what she taught us about how to use imagination. People were still talking about her program at the next meeting.” ~ Patti Brunner, Long Beach Women’s group

In the late 1800’s, Edison said imagination is more important than knowledge. In the 21st century, noted best-selling author and Stanford professor, Tina Seelig has added to the concept by saying “Imagination is the catalyst to transform knowledge into ideas.” Combining the two yields the key to creative a successful life with imagination—not just for art and craft projects.

“A thousand thanks for a perfectly delightful morning. You are a shining example of creativity and imagination. personified!”  ~ Molly Levitta, Laguna Beach Assistance League

In this keynote, participants are given sound mathematical reasoning why everyone can be creative and how imagination can uncover solutions for changing a habit, solving a problem, and approaching something new.

It’s fun. Engaging. Life-changing.


  • The how-to’s of the imagination formula with application examples.
  • Go from “No” to the bigger “YES” with the acronym for STOP.
  • The benefits of three important questions:
    • What if?
    • Who wrote that rule?
    • Why do we have to think outside the box? Maybe the box has the answer.

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