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Spring: nature’s call to action

Posted on March 10, 2016 | Comments

The way I see it, spring is the super bowl of seasons.  Of the four, spring is the one that has to gear up the most to come out of a deep, mother-nature-induced sleep, or in the case of Southern California, awaken before it’s time to get up.  Think about it, how do you feel first thing in the morning?  Once you get rolling, then things start to fall in place. It’s the same with seasons.

In the case of spring, this is the season that after three months of hibernation has to rally the troops so to speak and produce the new buds, green shoots, warmer weather, and in general respond to an annual call to action.  In the Byrd Baylor children’s book, I’m in Charge of Celebrations, a young boy living in the southwest writes about his celebrations of spring–one hundred and eight to be exact.  Recognizing the immense efforts spring makes, he moved his New Year celebration to spring, a time when he thinks he should also “be in bloom.”

I think there’s more to spring than it just being an earthly happening.  The same energy that seems to be ignited in the plants and animals can also be an inspiration to us. Leo Tolstoy thought so.  In Anna Karenina he wrote that “spring is the time of plans and projects.” The late Robin Williams said that spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party.’

Can we make a party out of spring’s energy?  Does the colorful landscape outside stimulate our spirit to make plans or start a new project?  How can it not?  I think spring does a great job of cheering us on just as we do for our favorite teams.  There’s a famous saying that fits well here even though it’s unclear whether Goethe or Faust said it—“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”  That’s the spirit of spring—bursting with newness and new possibilities without any hesitation.

We can be like spring and go for it too.  Take that first step. It doesn’t matter what order.  What does matter is that we shake ourselves loose from the routine and see what is fresh and different out there.  If we need a nudge, take a walk or drive and marvel at what’s new—on the plants, in your neighborhood and community.  That potential for renewal is within each of us.    It’s up to us to cultivate it and bloom and have fun where we are planted.

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