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Thank you Mother Nature…

Posted on November 20, 2013 | Comments

Mother Nature can teach us so much.

I live in a community of thousands with a management company taking care of maintenance and landscaping tasks.  On a five –year cycle, it was time to trim the trees in my neighborhood.  This is a major deal with men in trees doing majoring thinning to say the least.  The sound of saws followed by grinding machines makes for a long day of sound intrusion.  What’s more challenging for the patience is how barren the trees look.  I sure wouldn’t want the gardeners cutting my hair if you know what I mean.

 I won’t spend time here lamenting about the loss of a beautiful pine tree off to the right of my balcony.  I spent many hours gazing at that tree which made me feel I was in the mountains.  Nope this is about some gifts I received from Mother Nature.

 After the crew was gone and I had gotten over the shock of seeing branches in the tree outside my kitchen window, I was in for a treat.  A squirrel that had made its home in this tree was now quite visible.  Normally I could only hear him scampering up and around the tree and see leaf-covered branches shaking from his activity.  One particular morning, I noticed the squirrel just sitting on the branch in plain sight.  I watched it for some time and finally grabbed my camera for a photo.  In all the time I have enjoyed the squirrel, I really never saw it.  Now I did.  This experience reminded me of the saying, “Without change there would be no butterflies.”  Hm…

 A few days later, I was out walking and couldn’t resist picking one stalk of paper white flowers.  Oh my.  I love the smell of those flowers.  I brought it home and set it on the counter rather than putting it in some water.  The next morning it looked pretty sad and I was not happy with myself for not taking better care of it.  Still, I put it in a vase that already contained a dahlia.  To my surprise within hours the paper white was perfectly fine.  This simple act of nature reminded me of the saying, “Everything we need comes to us when we need it.”  Hm…

 Back to the tree by my kitchen window.  Once again I am there looking at the tree while something is warming on the stove. In the same part of the branch where I saw the squirrel, something new caught my attention.  I looked and realized I had a beautiful of two lovebirds—doves to be exact.  I watched and listened to them with tears in my eyes remembering how my mother and I sat and watched doves.  A stroke prevented her from talking so we watched and listened.  The experience reminded me of the saying, “Love in action.”  Hm…

In a matter of days, Mother Nature had given me memorable reminders of words to live by.  And once again I reminded myself of one more saying, “Take time to smell the roses.”  Otherwise I would have missed all three of these beautiful inspiring moments.  Thank you Mother Nature.

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  1. Also it makes the trees healthier….glad you enjoyed the experience.

  2. It’s just hard to see them so barren at first. And, then they fill in pretty quickly.

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