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The magnificence of mandalas

Posted on July 31, 2013 | Comments

Mandalas have fascinated ever since I can remember.  Being a Libra, I like their colorful artistic symmetry.  There’s just something that draws me to them whether it’s a gallery or the subject of a book.  The Lotus and the Lily by Janet Conner is a 30-day soul program which guides the seeker on an inner journey within culminating in the creation of a personalized mandala.  The intention of doing so is to discover which conditions each seeker determines are the nutrients that will become the fertile ground for manifesting his or her intentions (a different approach to the Law of Attraction).

 Janet Conner draws from her own process as well as the wisdom of Buddha and Jesus in her well-written, inspiring book.  While she had me at the Welcome, my understanding and appreciation for mandalas took a huge leap when I read about the power of manifestation when a “vision board” is created with a circle rather than the traditional rectangle.  She cited the 13th century mathematician, Fibonacci’s discovery of a sequential numbering system on which all life is based.  I had no idea that every living thing follows this sequence.  Therefore artichoke leaves, pine-cone bracts, sunflower seeds, fern fronds and tree branches are all living expression of Fibonacci numbers called the Golden Spiral.  Janet’s book identifies numerous resources for more information about mandalas.

After spending several months exploring mandalas, Janet Conner determined that they are organic, creative, alive, mysterious, paradoxical, ancient and mystical.  From my perspective, a manifestation process using the concept of circles made absolute sense.  I could hardly wait to get started.  Thirty days later I spent my weekend creating a mandala that reflects my conditions (for creating fertile ground supporting manifestation) and my intentions.

 I would love to tell you that I had immediate success with my treasured mandala.  Reflecting on the past five months since I completed it, I know that I have had immediate success—just not the order in which I thought it would happen or in the way I wanted the manifestation to occur.  Well we all know what happens when we think we are in charge of “plans”.

 Suffice to say without question, my mandala is manifesting big time—even when I was not doing anything with it according to the process Janet Conner teaches in the book.  Still, it was in my bedroom, in my altar/meditation area and those circles were working whether I was praying with them or not.  Naturally, once some manifestation occurred (again not in my terms) then more manifestations happened and now I have this amazing process that came about organically in its own way—own time.  Of course.

 As much as I would love to share all the nooks and crannies of my personal and professional “gains”…honestly, my “break time” is over and it’s back to my heart work.  However, before I post this blog, I must share with you a gift I received over the weekend from a dear participant in the online coaching course offered by Tama Kieves—author of This Time I Dance and her latest book, Inspired and Unstoppable—Wildly Succeeding at Your Life’s Work.  We met on the Facebook group.  Dana Weekley has a most unique artistic talent—creating mandalas from photos.  Breathtaking!  Magical, Wondrous, Powerful and Potent.  Please visit her website for a look at her work and consider one as a gift you or a loved one. IMG_0319CherylRussell-NineTomatoesMandala2-1000

My personal mandala (made in the 30-day soul program) is the center of my daily meditation which is done in conjunction with the beautiful  mantra (Ra-Ma-Da-Sa-Sa-Say-So Hung) used in Naam Yoga.  The rhythm and energy of both nourishes me throughout the day contributing to my internal transformation.  Given the cycle of circles, they start from the center and work outwardly.  That to me is true manifestation—as it is within, so it is without.

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  1. So true, CR…Dana Weekley did a mandala for me, as well, with the theme of ‘what image means success’. I used the cover of my first published novel. And every time I look at that wonderful mandala, I feel a resurgence of energy.

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