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Views from a Celestial Bridge

Posted on May 23, 2012 | Comments

The author, J.T. Romano, who wrote Views from a Celestial Bridge had this to say about my work on her manuscript:  I really appreciate your comments and suggestions about the grammar continuity and pointing out where I need to be clearer etc.  I find this invaluable input presented by you in a most sensitive gentle way.
On the review of J.T.’s book, I wrote:  What a gift to anyone who seeks books as a source of inspiration and thought-provoking nudges. Beautifully written with enough to fully develop the concept and brief enough to leave you wanting more, more and more! Truly a unique approach to some of the major questions we have in life–what is our purpose? What am I doing here? How can I improve? Timeless topics about love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, acceptance and others are offered in meaningful stories that have the reader screaming, “YES!” Thank you, Ms. Romano for your insights and your wisdom. WE have been waiting to hear your “views”.
I had the privilege of working with Jenny on her manuscript which was to be the first book of an intended trilogy.  The day Jenny and I had lunch to celebrate the publication of her book, she also told me of a new cancer diagnosis.  She spoke positively and confidently about her health challenge.  She “walked the talk” of her book and I will never forget the feeling of peace, calm and serenity from which she spoke.
On May 2, 2012 I had just completed five Camp StarHeart programs for kindergarten classes at Holder School in Buena Park, CA.  There was a voicemail messsage on my phone.  It was her husband, Robert, telling me Jenny’s soul had traveled on.  Given that was her belief and the underlying theme of her book, I cried for the loss of a dear new friend and celebrated her onward journey.  May your wings be flapping with joy, Jenny.  And thank you for being a one-winged angel helping me to fly.

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  1. Hi Cheryl, Thank you for helping Jenny with her manuscript. Your words, at the end of your comments, above are just beautiful. Jenny left beauty and love wherever she went. Today is March 10, 2013. The bulbs that she planted here in New England are beginning to crack through the snow on the ground. It has been 15 years since she’s been here, but the beautiful flowers that she planted keep coming up. One of her comments was, “The only thing that we leave behind is the love we have given.” Jenny and I have known one another for many lifetimes. In 1998, on a rainy, misty day, on the shore of a river where we had spent a lifetime in the 1700s, living as native american Woronoak indians, we held a ceremony, honoring our time together, this lifetime. I didn’t hear about her final flight until November of 2012. Fly, Jenny, fly! See you next time! — Bill Mitnik

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