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What do you dare?

Posted on January 4, 2014 | Comments

Dare.  That’s my new favorite word.  At least for now.  Originally for my New Year’s greeting, I wanted to use the word dare with a different take on resolutions.  However, when I read that typically about 8% of the folks who make resolutions actually keep them, I ditched that idea in favor of a theme inspired by Leon Logothetis–an author whose recent article “Fueled by kindness” captured my attention.

Last year, Logothetis set out from Los Angeles on August 10 for a journey around the world. I did the same in 1980-81 however, while I made my solo journey on $20 a day and a backpack, he traveled without money in a vintage yellow motorcycle with a sidecar he named Kindness One.   That’s right; he had nothing other than his story and gratitude to offer the people who he hoped would help him along the way.

He tells the story of human kindness that provided him housing, food, gas money and even transportation across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by a shipping services company.  In four months he traveled 28,000 miles across the U.S. and throughout 19 countries.

Logothetis described people as amazing saying so many went above and beyond what we might expect.  He spoke of “concentrating on connections with people, not accumulating things.”  He said he found his heart.  I know the feeling.  I have never forgotten how the kindness of others helped make magical things happen and also got me through some daunting travel challenges.  The selflessness of people on that life-changing journey has been a constant inspiration for me to go the extra distance for others as much and as often as possible.

Some might say Logothetis was rather daring to travel without money especially on a motorcycle.  The same could be said about the Peace Pilgrim who counted on the kindness of others as she walked back and forth across our nation. According to Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  Personally, I think there is some middle ground in there that can still make for exciting times. And, I believe the word daring can play a positive role in creating a stimulating life without going to extremes.

As we look forward to the months of 2014, what could we dare to do differently?  What can we dare to let go of?  Dare to dream?  Dare to be?  Instead of making resolutions this year, maybe these questions could help nudge you along whenever you want to make a change, try something new, or even be more generous with your kindness. Cheers!


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  1. Have a Dare to Succeed and be Happy…New Year!!

  2. Good words! Happy New Year friend and blessings in every venture of 2014. It was good to hear the exciting things that God is doing in your life, and I pray as you seek Him daily, which I know you do, He will lead you places where you would and should not “dare” to go in your own strength alone.

    Blessings and love—Anne

  3. I loved the story. My dare this year is retiring. Something I hadn’t thought much about until I got tired of the stress in my life and thought why am I working? But now I think of it as a great adventure. Happy new year Nancy

    Ps.sent from Panama City panama. I fly home tomorrow

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Great idea.

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