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What’s in a bird’s eye view?

Posted on April 22, 2018 | Comments

After intently watching a bird poking around in my flower garden, several questions came to mind. What does a bird see from that point of view? What is it like to be that close to the ground? How does it feel to be a tiny creature and someone like me is standing nearby? At what point does a bird feel the need to fly off? I was equally curious to see if my curiosity about what I would call a microscopic definition of a “bird’s eye view” would be shared by any writers on the internet since the phrase is typically referring to an aerial view of things. Not really.

Watching this bird and listening to my thoughts about its close-up version of a “bird’s eye view” reminded me of a photography assignment years ago: to take at least one roll of pictures (pre-digital days) standing in one place. That didn’t mean I had to take them all at the eye level of my five foot, four inch stature. What the teacher was looking for was how creative we could be—did we think to put the camera over our head? Or, how about squatting down, getting on the ground, leaning to the side…you get the picture. That assignment has definitely benefited my photography as well as my ability to stop and see other possibilities to problem solving or other creative pursuits.

When we view something under a microscope, a whole fascinating world can be seen in such things as a drop of water, a blade of grass, or the wing of an insect. Watching that bird, I didn’t need a microscope. All I needed was some patience to observe, the curiosity to wonder, and the grateful heart to recognize that life is spectacular in its miniscule moments. Same can be true when we take the time to listen. While still watching the bird, a woodpecker announced it was hard at work with its familiar knocking noise and other birds were singing their own tunes not necessarily on the same key or to the same tempo; a synchronized Mother Nature symphony nonetheless.

I’m grateful to that bird for giving me the opportunity to stop and take in the world from its bird’s eye point of view. I definitely felt it was time well spent prompting a reminder note to self: to take more time more often for the micro moments that can be a valuable balance to enjoying the macro moments in our lives. A balance of the two sounds good and healthy to me.


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  1. Dear Cheryl,

    Your words have taught me to appreciate my body and now the birds. And all the little things in Life.

    You are my mentor, and I love you for it.


    • Appreciate you for sharing your heartfelt feelings, Bethany. It’s a joy to hear from you.

  2. Cheryl, My sister recently sent me a small gift book “His Eye Is on the Sparrow”. For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.
    The verses, poems and artwork are a treasure. I often read it before I go to sleep. I look forward to sharing it with you sometime.

    • Would love to see what sounds like a very precious book, Rosalie. We will make that happen!

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