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What’s on your list?

Posted on August 5, 2013 | Comments

I drove by Chapman University (Orange, CA) not long ago on my way to a restaurant in Old Town Orange. Oh how I love that campus—everything about it makes me wish I could be making my college choice again.  Even though I can’t rewind the clock, it came to me that I could at least find out about taking a class.  Told myself to put it on my bucket list.

Bucket list.  While I understand the reference, it still strikes me as an odd name for a list.  Isn’t it just a specific kind of “to do” list?  Of course that thought had me pondering more about “lists”.  How many could I name?  Can lists be categorized by type?  If I did a Google search, would there be anything about lists?  Or was I the only one suddenly curious about the world of lists?

I just love Google!  Yes, Google is my internet “go to” for just about anything that pops into my head—a question, an idea, a concern—you name it and I Google it.  When others ask me a question I can’t answer I say, “Just Google it!”

A quick search with Google produced a blog which talked about 12 kinds of lists to help us get things done.   Some I had come up with such as To Do, Christmas, Shopping, Wish, Check and Top Ten list.  A few I had not thought of were Reference, Reading, Gift and Password lists.  Surprisingly, both the blog and I didn’t come up with address or mailing lists which I found on another website.   Then there are mental lists and at least one that we won’t name here but I think you know which one I am talking about.

In case you are getting confused by so many types of lists, there’s and an APP that will help you sort things out.  Like I said, just Google it and everything you want to know about lists will be just a click or two away.

So, back to bucket lists.  I am sure that my world travels 30 years ago and other accomplishments were achieved because those dreams were on some kind of list or “vision board”.  Now that I am older, my awareness of time and how I spend it may have some bearing on what I call that kind of list.  I have always believed that making lists is a valuable tool in getting things done. Regardless of what I call my “life list”, what matters most is that I strive to check it off the list.  So, what’s on your list?

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