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With so many possibilities, what’s next?

Posted on April 10, 2014 | Comments

What was it about my fingertips that got my attention while sitting at one of those long signals at a nearby El Toro intersection?  What made me look specifically at my fingerprints?   Why did I study them so intently?  Whatever it was, my curiosity didn’t stop there.

How is it that our fingerprints are uniquely our own?  That billions of people throughout the world each have their personal “code?” And never a chance for duplication?  Modern technology is enabling creative minds to use fingerprints for a myriad of identification purposes.   Who knew that fingerprints would be ideal for identity theft protection?  And to think we were born with this foolproof tool.

By now the light had changed. As I drove, I kept going with this train of thought.  I marveled at the power in our fingerprints and that lead me to ponder the power we hold in the palm of our hand.  What once took huge rooms to house a computer is now in a device weighing less than a pound.  As much as I love my latest smart phone, sometimes I just can’t get my mind around what it does beyond its original intentions–to make phone calls, text, send emails, and take photos.  Apparently I am not alone.

Back in 1949 an issue of Popular Mechanics magazine featured an article by an expert on the new field of computers.  He predicted, “By the end of the century, computers may weigh as little as 1.5 tons.”  Little did he realize that by the turn of millennium millions of people could manage their affairs from a tiny Palm Pilot, weighing just eight ounces.  The most respected visionary of his time erred by a factor of five thousand.

Working at Xerox after college, I learned that this company always had ideas on the drawing board that were ten years out. Ever since, I periodically wonder what might be around the corner even though sometimes I feel like my hands are full just trying to keep up with today’s advancements technically and otherwise.

Change is inevitable and yet it can be overwhelming.  Even though I may grumble, I do like the convenience of so many modern conveniences in my life time. It may be debatable whether I need an app to make my selfies look 5 – 15 lbs. thinner with Skinnypix or to check the lines at Disneyland with one called MouseWait.  However, there’s no question in my mind how much I love having choices that offer so many possibilities.  That’s the dynamic power of creative thinking!

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