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Well-written words are powerful. Their potential is unlimited. They convey thoughts, stir up emotions, educate, explain an idea, or solve a problem. Sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, words are the building blocks of my trade. It’s my job to logically and creatively connect the dots to successfully achieve the desired results. Dots don’t like to be left hanging and neither does the reader. Regardless of the writing specs, my goals are always the same:

  • Readability – make sense of what is written.
  • Focus—achieve an intended outcome.
  • Flow—everything is where it belongs.
  • Realistic—real world examples, metaphors, analogies and storytelling.
  • Compelling—undeniably convincing.

Cheryl Russell is a gem in every way. She wrote a story about imagination for us at Unity Magazine that turned out brilliantly. She wove background information, personal storytelling, and top-notch advice and tips into a piece that our readers just loved.” ~ Katy Koontz, editor-in-chief, Unity Magazine

It’s hard to choose a preference: writing my own articles, blogs, books, marketing communications and website content or writing them for others. One thing I know for sure. What makes it all work is getting the right voice whether it’s for businesses or individuals. There is also an added bonus. With a degree in marketing, it’s second nature for me to look beyond the initial scope and sequence of any project to see the marketing potential and maximize it. Click here for two examples.

“With a five-minute conversation, Cheryl can write a blog, letters of introduction and anything else I toss her way as if I wrote it myself!” ~ Beth Costa, Owner, The Pink Daffodil

My words go in so many directions depending on the project. One minute I’m writing witting wisdoms to bring joy and inspire change in motivating messages and the next I’m describing world travels or raising millions for nonprofit missions. What remains consistent regardless of the writing task at hand is to keep it simple, especially with difficult concepts. Clear, concise, crisp copy. That’s my cue to roll the credits as they say in show biz.

I’ve taken the liberty of selecting a sample of my favorite writing projects for you to take a peek, or you can certainly camp out for awhile.

Selected Writing Projects


Mustering Mirth

Unity Magazine, May/June 2017

Books (author)


From Cheryl’s Corner: The Orange County Register, Globe Edition:


“Children and TV Violence”
Writer, Producer, Director
KBAK-TV, Bakersfield (ABC affiliate station)

Freelance Blogger

Freelance Journalist

Marketing Communications