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You can feel like royalty crown or not

Posted on July 11, 2019 | Comments

For those old enough to remember, does the television show Queen for a Day ring a bell? According to Wikipedia, it originated on New York City’s Mutual Radio Network in April 1945 and moved soon after to Los Angeles where it was broadcasted until 1957.  NBC and later ABC television aired the program until 1964. I can still see Jack Bailey, a vaudeville magician opening the show by asking the audience if they would like to be “queen for a day” followed by interviews with each of the four women vying for that day’s crown. After telling their stories, an applause meter determined the winning contestant who was showered with big-prize giveaways to soften the stress of their circumstances.

Sponsors flocked to be connected with the show and paid a premium rate of $4,000 per minute for commercial time.  I suppose one could say this was a precursor to the modern-day Ellen and Oprah, and other talk-show hosts who are known for giving audiences and unsuspecting guests gifts of one kind or another—from autographed copies of books to the famous, “You get a car, you get a car, you get a car!”

Whether or not I was channeling my days of watching the popular television show with my grandmother, when the idea to make crowns for surprise gifts popped into my head, I had to take action. After a few research calls, I was enthusiastically off to a craft store for blank tag board crowns and magical decorations–my favorites include stick-on hearts and rhinestones of every color and size. It’s been fun creating crowns for such “honors” as the “Queen of Treasured Gifts” given to a friend who takes recycling items to a whole new level or the “Queen of Clean” who can make a kitchen sparkle like new.  

Do we need a crown to feel like a king or queen? Probably not although that won’t stop me from making and sharing them with others. You can feel like royalty with a few daily practices such as writing down things you love about yourself and keeping the list handy to help you remember. Knowing what works best for you and honoring those practices keeps your well-being alive and well. Be sure to give yourself a break over missteps and plenty of TLC for no reason.  Finally, you can be a winner everyday when you believe in yourself. And, when you feel like a king or queen, it’s more likely that others will respond to you as if you are. That sure sounds like a treasured crown jewel to me.

Originally published in The Orange County Register July 11, 2019

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