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Cheryl Russell PortraitWriter, editor, and speaker are the professional terms. On a more personal level, think of me as your own personal Word Ninja, Chief Imagination Officer or ThankYouologist–a creative thinker who provides a dynamic, fun, and value-added outcome to your next project.

Wouldn’t you love to have a Word Ninja in your back pocket who can write those words that are on the tip of your tongue that just can’t find their way onto the page? It may be ghost blogging, some new website content, a magazine article or even the script for a documentary film. I have plenty of experience. Nearly 40 years to be exact.

Do you have an extra seat at your next brainstorming session for someone with innovative ideas that dazzle with delightful possibilities? Does your staff need an energetic team building experience to get their own creative juices flowing again? Sounds like you need a Chief Imagination Officer.

Wherever I go, I’ll bring my formula for success: Imagination plus knowledge with a sprinkle of experience (perhaps more than just a sprinkle). I’ll share how my secret acronym for overcoming the “No” gets to the bigger “Yes” with STOP that stands for See The Other Possibilities. How? By asking important questions: “What if?” “What would it be like?” and “Who wrote that rule?” Sometimes I will ask, Why do we have to think outside the box? Maybe the answers are in the box. These are the keys I use to unlock new, ingenious perspectives that turn dreams and ideas into reality.

What about a partner to advise you with unique ways to give out gold stars to employees? Donors? Friends, family…yourself? Who better than a ThankYouologist to help you make that happen. Heck, I wrote a book about the art of saying thank you so I think it’s safe to say I’m into gratitude BIG time! Yes, ThankYouology is my philosophy of how you can transform your life with appreciation. It’s an easy-read. I call it a conversational textbook with “how-to’s” galore. You can count on having “aha” moments and hearing yourself say, “I never thought of that.”

You’ve read enough to know whether working with me is a go.  What is it that you need written or edited by a Word Ninja? Or a project that could use a Chief Imagination Officer on the team? Let’s talk. By phone, email, Skype or even postal mail, if you wish. Now there’s a dying art—letter writing. Click here to contact me. And to that…this ThankYouologist says “thank you.”